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ComedySportz® was started in 1984 in Milwaukee, WI, by Dick Chudnow, who based it on the competitive Theatresports improvisational techniques of Keith Johnstone from Calgary, Alberta. Expansion began with the addition of Madison, WI, in 1985. The first Comedy League of America National Tournament was held in 1988, with 10 teams participating. CSz Worldwide now has grown to over 25 teams, including teams in Manchester, U.K and Berlin, Germany.

Short-form is the oldest and most common form of improvised comedy around the world. TV shows like “Whose Line is it Anyway?” and Nick Cannon’s “Wild n’ Out” are examples of this type of entertainment.


What is Short Form Improv?

The average short-form improv show consists of a series of theater games that last normally 3-6 minutes each. Common hallmarks of a short-form show are a host (in our case, a referee) who comes to the audience in between the games to ask for suggestions and/or to explain how the next game works.

Is Your Experience for Kids or Adults?

ComedySportz is comedy for everyone!  Each show is improvised, or made up on the spot, based on audience suggestions.   Our referees enforce the “Brown Bag Foul” for potty-mouthed players…or audience members, keeping our show friendly to families and fun for all.  At our matches, our audiences have run the gamut from kids’ birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, first dates, anniversaries, and just having a night off from work.  Join us for a good laugh!

For those wanting an adult-focused experience, we have something for you too! Come to see any of our Friday Late Nite Series, on any Friday @ 10pm.  These performances are NOT ComedySportz and are performances for audiences ages 17+.  Shows rotate in this time spot based on seasonal availability.  Check out our page or give us a call at 317-951-8499 for more info.

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